Applicable standards

Polar Refrigeration GmbH products are compliant with European Union standards and regulations. Most components and parts of our plants are of European origin and we have an internal monitoring procedure to ensure all components are checked for quality and standard.

Our standard products are built in line with DIN/ EN standards. Other directives we follow are Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) for equipment under pressure, AD 2000, TUV requirements on safety and VDE requirements.

For the chemical and oil & gas industry, we are able to comply with the requirements of other standards such as ASME, ANSI, TEMA and API.

In case the end-user is located in a country where neither European nor American standards are accepted, we are sufficiently flexible and will seek to meet local standards and regulations. 

Our staff have sufficient experience in working with countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Korea and relative standards like ГОСТ-Р/ GOST-R (RUS), ГОСТ-К/ GOST-K (KZ), ДСТУ/ DSTU (UA), Rostechnadzor (Russian safety requirements) and Korean Safety Mark are familiar to them.


AD 2000-Code / DIN EN ISO 3834

Manufacturer and Welding Shop acc. to AD 2000-Code / DIN EN ISO 3834

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System of Transferring the Marking of Materials

System of Transferring the Marking of Materials

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Approved Supplier to the Oman Oil & Gas Industry’s Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS)

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