Food Storage and Processing

Food & Leisure

Food processing and food storage/distribution markets requires a lot of refrigeration applications to deliver fresh food and prevent it from spoiling. Mainly this market requires quite straightforward and standard solutions to make it more affordable to the end-users.

But in some cases – especially when it comes to the growing demand for more energy efficient and environment friendly solutions – it is necessary to dedicate more engineering time, knowledge to execute installations on a different level, including combination with non-standard approaches to the design of the plants.
In such situation our technical solutions and customized products help to fulfill this task.

Food Processing

The food processing market includes all type of food production plants where refrigeration applications are key parts of the factories.

Storages & Distribution

Food storages and distribution centers are lying in between food manufacturers and consumers of the good. Efficient and effective operation of these storages help to achieve logistic price optimization.


Leisure applications where refrigeration plants have significant part are all-year-round snow halls, artificial ice rings. 

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